In just a short time, AARMY Co-Founder and lululemon Ambassador Akin Akman has become one of the most popular instructors among the lululemon Studio community. We caught up with the former tennis prodigy at AARMY’s headquarters to discuss his start in coaching, teaching philosophy, and his true fitness idol.

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I started coaching when I was 15 while at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. I was coaching and playing, but that's really when I fell in love with coaching and made it everything.

Do you have a training philosophy? 

My teaching philosophy is using movement as a tool to help you claim your greatness.

What make a workout from AARMY so unique and special?

AARMY is unique and special because of the community aspect and the mindset piece. Fitness is just the vehicle we use to be everything else we want to be.

Who is your fitness hero?

My fitness hero is my coach Nick Bollettieri. Not only has he coached top athletes over three generations but he’s in the Hall of Fame for coaching. He is literally on the court every day in his 90s and loves it. It’s the passion that’s inspiring.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, Nick Bollettieri passed away last month, shortly after this interview was filmed.

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