Let’s talk Babywearing! The newest collection of workout classes to hit lululemon Studio is designed with you and your baby in mind. Babywearing has become a go-to method for new parents to ease back into a workout routine, creating a flow that is energizing, flexible for both parent and baby’s schedule, and safe to move through while holding your infant in a carrier.

Explore our newest collection of Babywearing classes, featuring 15-30 minute workouts using elements of cardio, strength, barre, and stretching. There’s a new world of workouts waiting for you and baby!

‍Class Descriptions

  • The Details: Taught by trainer and new mom (for the second time!) Julie, you’ll learn how to safely exercise while Babywearing using elements of cardio, strength, barre, and stretching – all in one. 
  • Equipment: You, your baby, and a baby carrier
  • The Babywearing Collection: 3-5 classes, at 15-30 minutes long each
  • What to Expect: Energizing, total-body workouts made to fit in with your schedule

‍How to Find the Classes‍

Click here to access the Babywearing class collection or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Classes" tab in the lululemon Studio App.
  2. Select "Collections: from the tabs at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll to "Babywearing" and choose a class.

Benefits of Babywearing

From making time to care for yourself to bonding with your baby, the benefits of Babywearing stretch well beyond the class itself. Below are the top three benefits you and the family can enjoy with this baby-safe workout.

  1. You Time: Making time for your self-care through movement is vital to your mental, physical and emotional health. With Babywearing your health and wellness is still prioritized, all while taking care of your baby. 
  2. Bonding with Baby: Think of Babywearing as bonding time with baby! While you move your body in class you’re moving with baby, creating special memories centered around well-being. 
  3. Family-Friendly Fitness: The beauty of Babywearing is that it’s a workout the whole family can enjoy! No matter who is at home and caring for baby, you can secure your loved one in  your baby carrier, tune into a Babywearing workout, and get moving

Babywearing Tips

Our lululemon Studio customer care team is always here to answer any questions! Below are our recommendations to consider before you start babywearing.

  1. We recommend a soft-structured carrier for ultimate comfort and movability during workouts 
  2. If you are a parent who recently gave birth, always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning an exercise program postpartum.
  3. Listen to your body and move at a pace that best suits you.
  4. Contact your healthcare professional with any questions or concerns that arise during your workout.