If you’re looking to add some character to your home gym, you’ve come to the right place. Creating an exercise room that you’re excited to work out in helps you make time for yourself and your health.

We’re here to guide you through a variety of decorative considerations for your home gym and to help you make the best decisions for you and your space.

How Do I Set Up an Exercise Room in My House?

To set up an exercise room in your home, you’ll need to outfit the room with the right fitness equipment and furnishings and create the right atmosphere. The basic equipment your at-home exercise room might include are dumbbells or free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, ankle weights, a foam roller, and a yoga mat. As for furniture, this will vary depending on available space. For atmosphere, well, we’ve got some creative home gym ideas to make your home gym your favorite room in your home.

What Is the Best Color for a Gym?

The best color for a gym depends on the space itself and the feeling you want to evoke in that room. For example, you should use lighter and brighter colors or white walls if it’s a small space without much natural light because it helps the room appear bigger. For a bigger space with large windows and more natural light, you can get away with darker colors such as a dark feature wall for visual interest.

If you want to create a stimulating effect in your home gym, use colors like red, yellow, and orange. For a more relaxing effect, use blue, green, and purple.

How Do I Make My Home Gym Cozy?

You can make your gym cozy by using saturated tones on your walls, such as dark shades of red, orange, and gold or neutral dark browns, caramel, fawn, or charcoal. Adding art and plants to your gym can also make it feel cozy and inviting.

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Exercise Room Decorating Ideas

1. Pick a theme

A good place to start when decorating is to pick a theme. This can range from sticking to a specific color palette or building out from a feature wall to true design themes for the room such as bohemian, nautical, tropical, galactic, etc. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of personality to your exercise room when decorating.

2. Install an accent wall

Consider creating a feature wall that uses a splash of color, wallpaper, or wood paneling to add texture and a chic flair of modern design to your workout space.

3. Hang some art

Hang some art on the walls in your home gym. This can be anything from abstract art to motivational quotes, beautiful landscapes, vacation pictures, and more. Use images that excite you, motivate you, and give you energy. (Just don’t forget to leave room on the wall for a mirror).

4. Add some personality

Beyond wall art, add some more personality to your workout room by adding interior decorations. This can include decorations that go with a theme or simply match the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Consider adding things like souvenirs from your adventures, rocks, crystals or small sculptures. Be sure that they’re out of the way, however, so that you don’t knock anything over while working out.

5. Set a mood

Bright, natural light is always best, but if that’s not possible, consider these excellent alternatives to create a home gym vibe that’s truly your own:

  • Potlights
  • Dimming lights
  • Lighting from your ceiling fan
  • Floor lamps
  • Himalayan salt lamps
  • Colored light bulbs
  • Contained candles (only to be used while cooling down or meditating)
  • Fake candles

Whatever you choose, just make sure you have enough light to safely work out and see where you’re going and what you’re doing.

6. Tie it all together

Adding a fan to the ceiling of your home gym space is decorative and functional, tying together the entire room from top to bottom—especially if the blades of the fan match the room’s flooring.

7. Keep time

Not everyone works out while wearing a watch or smartwatch. Without this, you’re forced to check the time on your phone, which risks interrupting your workout. Instead, consider adding a clock to your room (either on the wall or free-standing on a piece of furniture or shelf). That way, you can quickly and easily time your HIIT workouts.

8. Add some greenery

Plants are one the best decorations for a home gym. They bring life into the room and have the power to freshen up the air. Hanging plants or floor plants are ideal for a workout space because there is less risk of knocking them over. Even better is if they are placed in a corner.

If your workout space doesn't get enough natural light to support real plants, artificial plants or dried bundles such as pampas grass or billy buttons can still have the same brightening, earthy effect.

9. Think vertically

If you’re short on space, think vertically. This means utilizing shelving units, floating shelves, cubbies, pegboards, yoga mat racks, hooks, and weight rack trees to support your home gym essentials.

Things like dumbbells, resistance bands, water bottles, mini foam rollers, Bluetooth or sound system speakers, plants, pictures, tissue paper, yoga mats, towels, clothes, and more can be stored in or on these items, conserving precious floor space and keeping your home gym organized, tidy, and functional.

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If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also install a climbing wall to your home gym as a fun and unique way to add more texture to the space while offering another method of strengthening your upper body.

10. Make space for rest

If you have space for it, it’s handy to have a piece of furniture like a bench or chair in your home gym. This can offer a great spot for you to put on and take off your sneakers or a safe place to sit down and catch your breath if you push it a little too hard during a workout. A chair can even become part of your workout with barre or chair exercise classes.

11. Soften your landing

Rubber flooring is the best flooring for a home gym. Rubber mats are able to cover any surface while remaining durable and shock-absorbent.

12. Get reflective

Every home gym should have a large mirror or floor-to-ceiling mirrors. This makes the space appear larger and helps you execute workouts with proper form.

The lululemon Studio Mirror combines style and function by not only providing you with the reflection your home gym needs but also doubles as a modern piece of workout equipment. When The Mirror is turned off, it’s a sleek piece of decor for your exercise room. When it’s turned on, it’s a workout portal that connects you to thousands of live and on demand workout classes or personal training sessions.

Turn on the built-in community camera during a live class or personal training session and the instructor can see your movements and give you pointers and tips on your form and technique.

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Design the Exercise Studio of your Dreams

Follow the decorating tips above to build yourself an exercise space that you can’t stay away from. Don’t forget to let your personality and personal style shine through in this room. Use colors and designs that speak to you and your active lifestyle.

We can’t wait to see what you create!