Did you know that In addition to the trainers from lululemon Studio and our eight partner studios, we also offer classes from guest trainers with their own unique skill set and expertise. These include renowned yoga expert Kino MacGregor, world champion runner Jas Blocker, and more. Our newest guest trainer, Sydney R. Miller, is a Brooklyn native and former high school English teacher who turned her boxing passion into a profession.

She currently runs an online coaching business called S:Box Training and moonlights as an amateur boxer and coach. Join Sydney for 21 new classes centered on boxing, conditioning, meditation, and mobility. The classes culminate in Fight Day, a 60-minute, advanced, final workout. Take your first class with Sydney or try a class or program from one of our other guest trainers, including:

Harry Jameson: Join the award-winning performance coach for his exclusive Training for Life program. Over the course of six weeks, you’ll work to create healthy habits both physically and mentally. 

Jas Blocker: Improve your running performance and feel stronger with coaching from the world champion runner and mental health advocate.. Jasmine’s Strength for Runners Collection includes cardio and stretch classes to help get you ready for race day.

Morit Summers: Get stronger with Morit, a lululemon ambassador, who is defying industry standards by putting the focus on feeling strong and healthy instead of a number on a scale. Join her for an  upper, lower or total body strength class.

Maggie Wade: Push yourself to levels you never thought possible with Maggie, a lifelong dancer, in a series of upbeat, high intensity, and unique dance classes that are both challenging and fun.

Kino MacGregor: Join the world-renowned yoga teacher for two new types of classes. Yin Yoga, a slower-paced session with asanas held for longer periods of time than other styles, and Feel Good Flow, which connects breath to yoga poses that are accessible and friendly to all levels.

Q&A with Sydney

Do you have a motivational mantra - if so, what is it?

A workout has the potential to free your soul, and your body can be the safest home you have ever known.

How would you describe your coaching style?

I am educational, encouraging and motivational, but I am not afraid to kick your butt and expect a lot from you. The music is always a big part of the workouts for me!

When teaching your classes on lululemon Studio, what are some of your signature taglines?

  • "What are you fighting for?" 
  • "Ouchie!" 
  • "Be safe and dangerous"

What motivates you as a trainer on lululemon Studio?

Being part of the best team in the world and the best brand in the world! It definitely asks you to level up and I appreciate that.

When you are working out, how do you push beyond the mental and physical hurdles of effort?

I remember what I'm doing it for. When it's boxing, the intention is clear: hit and don't get hit. When it comes to everyday motivation it's more about "what am I fighting for?" which I'm constantly re-examining.

What is your go-to hype song?

Going Bad by Meek Mill

What is one book that changed your life?

The Parable of Sower by Octavia Butler

What is your favorite way to sweat?


What are three words that describe your energy?

Educational, encouraging and motivational

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