Hollis Tuttle is a lululemon Studio trainer leading classes in cardio, strength, and stretch, but did you know she managed a lululemon store long before teaching a class on the Mirror? Or that she had a successful career in real estate development long before fitness? Discover more about the California native below.

Early Life

1. I was born in Roseburg, Oregon, and moved to northern California when I was two. I have a brother, Sam, who is almost four years older than me.

2. I grew up in a small community and both my parents worked at the high school. My dad was an art teacher while my mom worked with students learning English as a second language. And yes, there was one year when all four of us were at the same school together. 

3. I was very focused on my academics throughout high school and graduated with honors. I was also an athlete and played volleyball year-round, so I was able to exist in both realms and was super friendly with everyone. Oh, I was the Sweetheart Queen my senior year of high school (and my mom still has the crown!) 

College and Professional Life

4. I attended college at California Polytech University in San Luis Obispo, and earned a degree in nutritional science. I didn't play volleyball in college but spent four years as part of the triathlon team and loved it. 

5. My first job out of college was at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in San Rafael, and it was so much fun. I ran the BMW account and once helped Sean Penn. I spent a year at Enterprise before moving onto the real estate industry.

6. I got my start in real estate when an old neighbor, who owned a real estate development company, asked me to join as assistant to the Vice President. I was able to learn the ins and outs of the business and soon became a project manager. I spent a couple years in that position before becoming a Sales Associate, Corporate Broker, and eventually Vice President of Sales and Marketing. I was about 30 at the time and on paper, I was doing great; I made good money, owned several properties, drove a sports car, and traveled all over the world.

7. But what's on paper isn't always reality. I felt soulless in real estate and knew I needed a change. Call it my quarter-life crisis. So I went on a bicycle tour throughout southern France with some people who I didn't know and had the most amazing time.

8. During this trip, I had a major epiphany: I wanted to pursue a career in health and wellness. After I got home, I quit my real estate job and got started.

Focus on Fitness

9. I moved to San Diego and started working at a nutrition company that created customized meals and meal plans for athletes. I'd work with the players to find out what type of foods they liked, and strength and conditioning coaches to confirm the meal sizes and things like that. Looking back, the best thing about that job may have been the connections I made with lululemon (more on that later).

10. I was part of the lululemon family long before I became a lululemon Studio instructor, I helped them open the first store in La Jolla and joined as a part-time educator. So I was still doing nutrition, educating at lululemon, and teaching indoor cycling. Then I decided to go all in on lululemon and moved to full time educator, key leader, assistant store manager, and eventually store manager at lululemon La Jolla.

11. At this point, I was living in San Diego and starting to really get back into fitness and attending group classes. I took a part-time job working the front desk at Barry's Bootcamp, which was great because I loved their classes. But I really wanted to be an instructor.

12. I taught my first class at Barry's ... but it was very unexpected and spur of the moment. My manager suggested I get my Personal Training Certificate and then we'd discuss teaching. But the very next morning, the instructor of the 5am class didn't show up and they asked me to fill in. I loved it.

13. I also helped launch an Orangetheory franchise in San Diego. I connected with the owner after he took one of my classes and he reached out to see if I'd be interested in working with him. It was a great experience and the location is still thriving today.

Life in New York, starting at lululemon Studio

14. I moved to New York City in 2013 and dove headfirst into the fitness scene. I was in full hustle mode and during that time—I took 2-4 classes per day, met a ton of great people, and had job offers within my first couple weeks. I ended up teaching at Mile High Run Club and CITYROW, something like 25-30 classes per week.

15. I started teaching digital classes at City Row during the pandemic, and also became a guest instructor for lululemon Studio. The day I got the call asking if I'd like to be a full-time instructor on the Mirror was one of my happiest. This was my dream job.

16. I met Lance (who also teaches for lululemon Studio) at a fitness class, and we've been together for over six years now. He's a great partner and has introduced me to so many things that I wouldn't normally do like rock climbing, juggling (which I still can't do), and a bunch of other fun stuff.

17. Despite our relationship, I'm proud that I never used my connection with Lance to help land this job teaching at lululemon Studio.  It was important to me that I earn it on my own and I never asked him to put in a good word for me. He fully respected that, which I appreciated.

18. I wish I could teach a dance class on the Mirror but I was born without any rhythm. 

19. One of my favorite classes to teach are Partner Classes with Lance. They are so fun and we play off each other really well. Even though he's a hundred pounds heavier and a heck of a lot stronger, we're both still super competitive. And that little bit of competition always sneaks into the class, which makes it a lot more fun.

More About Me

20. I'm super excited for a trip to Europe I'm taking this summer. A friend and I plan to run 109 miles in nine days through the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps.

21. I listen to a wide variety of things while training - it often depends on the workout. If I want music, it's usually EDM or something with a strong bass beat because I want that high energy. I also have a bunch of playlists from over the years I'll go back to or just put on a recommended playlist from Spotify. if I'm training for a long race and need to spend 4-5 hours on a treadmill. I'll put on a comedy or a standup special to pass the time. For podcasts, I love Rich Roll and The Moth -- I'm such a nerd.

22. The best concert I've ever attended was Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl.  It was probably 20 years ago. I was there with some great friends, it was summer, and just one of those magical nights.

23. If I had to pick a favorite meal, it would be a really nice traditional steak dinner with a crab cake appetizer. And then I'd top it off with cheesecake from Breads Bakery in Union Square.

24. My perfect day would be to wake up without an alarm clock, enjoy a really good workout with friends followed by brunch and a spa day. I'd finish the day with a quiet dinner and a good movie cuddled up with my man.

25. I love animals and almost got a hedgehog as a pet. Then I read about their upkeep and realized it wasn't realistic. But oh my gosh, they are so cute and could fit right in my pocket. I'd love to get a dog someday but we're just not home enough to properly take care of one right now.