So, you want to ditch that private gym membership, but how do you make a home gym work for you and your fitness goals? We’ve got plenty of solutions to make your home gym feel like the sleekest home gym system in town.

With smart layouts and a little style, your home gym can be both functional and enjoyable. You’ll be running to your next workout and reaching your S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals with our creative home gym ideas, guaranteed. 

Here are the key areas to focus on when building a creative home gym:

1. Choose a Location for Your Workout Space

So where to start—literally?

Before learning how to build a home gym—like real estate and vacations—location matters most. But most importantly, you don’t need to transform your garage to fit home gym essentials or gym equipment, and get in a good sweat. Whether you’ve got an empty office or a tiny corner, almost every household can make room for fitness. 

Extra Space Inside Your Home 

Start with the easiest solution: transforming an untouched room or area inside your home into a customized workout zone. What this looks like will differ from home to home since the amount of available space will vary. 

For the apartment dwellers and full-house habitants—we know that not everyone has a spare bedroom or entire room to flip into a workout haven. The good news? That doesn’t mean a home gym is out of the question. Consider double-dutying a larger room in your house—part daily life, part workout space. 

Here are a few ideas for your home gym location:

  • Nooks or dens
  • Guestrooms
  • Offices and studies
  • Storage rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Attics
  • Rec rooms

With lululemon Studio, you can turn any room into a complete home gym setup. Get a fully immersive experience in your living room or office without taking up precious floor space with unsightly workout equipment.

The more you take advantage of any available space in your home, the more options there are to create your own gym. Just make sure that you have enough space for all of your home gym equipment like resistance bands, jump rope, yoga mat, dumbbells, medicine ball, and foam roller. (Bonus points if any of these rooms have a ceiling fan to help keep your body cool and regulated during your workouts.) 

Your workout gear is just as important as the space you choose. lululemon Studio’s premium accessories are designed to elevate your workouts.

2. Find Your Footing

When committing fully to your home gym design, you’ll need to start from the bottom-up: the flooring.

Floor surfaces are everything when it comes to home workouts. Different floorings offer varying levels of impact, slip resistance, and texture—all factors that influence your workout. Depending on your workout routine, some may work better than others.

Let’s dive into the benefits and uses of the best flooring options for a home gym:

Non Slip Mats 

For small or convertible home gyms, ripping up a floor is usually out of the question. The solution? A transportable and multi-use yoga mat. Pick a thicker material for high-impact movements and a thinner material for low-impact exercises. 

Lululemon’s premium yoga mat is dual-sided, with a moisture absorbing top layer and cushioned bottom layer for extra grip. 

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While a yoga mat will usually be sufficient for your home gym, here are a few more options if you’re looking to go all out:

Foam Flooring

If your workouts stay low to the ground (Pilates, yoga), foam might be the best flooring option. The material’s lightness and squish factor easily absorb shock and support joints. However, foam may buckle under heavy equipment or after long-time use.

Rubber Flooring

Sturdy, versatile, and non-slip, rubber flooring is the catch-all gym flooring option. No need to compare your home gym to a gym membership when you can bring the same type of flooring home. This waterproof material can endure heavier movements from kickboxing to weight training. You can choose a rollable piece (similar to a mat) or cover the entire floor with interlocking rubber tiles. These are especially great if you want to protect the wood floor of your home.

Artificial Turf 

Want to feel like the team captain during your home workouts? Artificial turf is the perfect surface for sports enthusiasts. It’s not the best for floor exercises, but the traction makes for great athletic workouts (not to mention a super fun look).

Vinyl Flooring

For convertible gym spaces, vinyl is a great compromise. Vinyl easily fits most home decor styles, while the material itself resists mold and moisture absorption. For jumpers and HIIT enthusiasts, keep in mind that the impact absorbency is low.

Cork Flooring

Got a green thumb—or feet? Cork is an eco-friendly flooring option with fully biodegradable material. The springy texture is great for workouts, while water resistance keeps out sweat stains. Although, the softer surface can easily dent when dropping heavy weights.

3. Store with Style

A clear space makes for a clear mind—and that equals more focused fitness. 

No more throwing your free weights into a corner. Organize with finesse, and your home gym will reap the spatial and design benefits. A few of our favorite small home gym ideas for optimal storage are:

Vertical Space 

When floor space is sparse, wall space saves the day. Floating shelves, hooks, and racks can save precious square feet for your burpees. And with lululemon Studio, you can keep professional instruction off the ground! Access over 50 class types all from your wall with our interactive fitness mirror—no clunky laptop needed. 


Need a way to organize all those little gadgets, loops, and accessories? Get a pegboard, paint it your favorite energy-boosting color, and get tacking. Larger pegs can even hold shelves for your heavier items.

Under-Furniture Storage 

If you’re boxing right next to the living room couch, under-furniture space provides storage for your mitts. Shallow boxes or trunks can easily slide underneath furniture, too, saving remaining floor space.

Hollow Furniture

Get a two-in-one deal with hollow furniture items. Certain ottomans, trunks, or benches can hold a decent amount of exercise equipment and provide a seat for rests between grueling sets.


For versatile storage that keeps gym equipment in reach, cubbies are a great addition. Particularly, families can use cubbies for organizing purposes—say goodbye to misplaced sneakers and sweatbands. 

When your home gym is well organized, it leaves space for some really creative additions including a climbing wall, towel station, mini fridge, and other personal touches.

Add a unique and futuristic touch to your home gym with lululemon Studio. Transport yourself into a personal training session or group fitness class without having to leave your home.

4. Decorate to Motivate

Sure, you can achieve a solid workout in a bare room. But what’s the fun in that? When your home or garage gym looks good, it feels good to be in! And that means easier, more enjoyable workouts. 

Your home style can transfer seamlessly into your home gym, which is one of the greatest benefits of home gyms. But no matter your taste, consider a few interior design tips to maximize that energetic spark:


For any type of physical activity, form matters. To improve alignment, exercise safely, and visually open up the room, place at least one mirror in your home gym. And for extra improvement, our smart interactive fitness mirror gives you a full-bodied reflection while instructors offer tips on form.


Find colors that give you calm, focus, and energy. For most people, that includes neutrals, reds, and muted jewel tones. And to keep the mood light, pick a fun pattern for a focal wall.

Art & Posters 

If minimalism and bare white walls don't fit your fitness mood, bring some individuality to the home exercise room! Hang up some inspirational wall art by transferring your favorite quote from the Pinterest wall to the gym wall. 


Working out in the dark can be a downer, especially when you’re trying to pump yourself up. When in doubt, add more lighting to your exercise room. Natural light is best and windows make for better views, but soft overhead fluorescents also work. You can even strike a moody tone with colored lights for cooldowns or yoga flows.


If you can swing it, a good view can transform your home gym experience. If indoors, center your focal point around windows or even your best-decorated wall. Every time you need to harness that fiery energy, your motivation is right in the eyeline.

5. Keep Fitness Creative with lululemon Studio

A well-designed bedroom makes for a better sleep. So why wouldn’t the same apply to your home gym and exercise routine? 

Revamp your fitness space to transform your workouts from boring to the best part of the day. And remember—it doesn’t take a full renovation. All you need is an open corner, some sneaky storage, and a few stylistic touches to pick up the space. 

And the creativity doesn’t have to stop there—shake up your healthy routine with over 50 fitness class types offered by lululemon Studio. You can access professional-led barre, kickboxing, and yoga classes and more, all from one innovative device that easily fits in any home gym.

Need new home gym ideas or inspo? Become a lululemon Studio Member today and gain FREE access to over 10,000 classes and over 60 workout categories for 30 days.