People are working from home now more than ever. In fact, many employers are switching to an entirely remote work set up. This has required adjustments, as most people have had to arrange their living space to accommodate a home office.

Space in your home needs to be used wisely, especially now that we’re all staying home more than ever before. So, how do you make this office space as functional as possible without overcrowding it? We’ve got the answer for you—your home office can double as a home gym. What makes this such an effective idea? Your home office is rarely used outside of work hours, so converting it into a home office gym allows you to get more use out of the space—especially if you live in an apartment or condo where space is limited as it is. 

It doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task either. 

In this article, we’ll give you some expert tips on transforming your space so that you have enough room to work and play. We’ll also cover the benefits of using a home office as a workout space, as well as creative home office gym ideas.

Benefits of Transforming Your Home Office Into a Gym

The benefits of a home gym are numerous, but we’ve narrowed them down to three main categories—your space, your time, and your money:

Your Space

One benefit to a home gym is that converting your work space into a dual office and gym will maximize the use you will get out of the space. Because our homes have become multi-purpose dwellings due to the pandemic, it’s important to use spaces as efficiently as possible. In a home office, you usually include a desk, a chair, and maybe a drawer or two—but otherwise the room is empty. By being efficient with your space, you avoid wasting a valuable opportunity to stretch the room’s purpose beyond work.

Your Time

It’s often not reluctance to work out or unwillingness that prevents people from exercising. Finding the motivation to get up, get changed, and go to the gym can be the biggest deterrent to working out. Another benefit to having a home gym in your office is that it will cut your travel time completely. This means that after work, you don’t have to waste any time commuting—your gym is just a step or two away from your desk. This will give you more time to spend on other activities throughout your day. If you have kids, that means extra time with them where they can join you in your home workouts. You can’t get that from a gym.

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Your Money

Finally, gym memberships aren’t cheap. In the US, the average cost of a gym membership is $58 per month, but in some cities, it can top $100 per month. A gym in your office means you can finally cancel your overpriced gym membership. You don’t even need to splurge on expensive fitness equipment. Home workouts require less space and save you money on gym equipment. You can swap out large, clunky gym equipment for space-saving options like digital dumbbells, ankle weights, and resistance bands that can easily fit into your home office.

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Creative ideas for a home office gym

Now that we’ve covered the reasons why a dual gym-office is a great addition to your home, let’s talk specifics. Below, we’ve selected our top tips that can help you transform your space from a drab office to a multifunctional gym and workspace. 

Cohesive decor

Making sure that your decor is consistent in the room will help unify the room, despite the fact that it serves two different purposes. Stick with lighter colors because they help boost your mood. For instance, white walls give the appearance of a wider space, which will help you feel less tense. This quality is important both in work and in exercise. Try to maintain white walls, if possible as this will brighten your room.

lululemon Studio allows you to work out without creating clutter. Its sleek silhouette adds an aesthetic quality to the room, making it both decor and an all-in-one home gym.

Shelving Matters

Since this is the place you get your work done during the week, it’s important that it stays organized. As a dual workout space, there is a risk that it can become cluttered with fitness equipment. To help keep the room tidy, invest in shelving units or some form of storage space. This will help keep weights and bands off the ground when they’re not in use. That way, when you’re exercising, the room is a home gym and when you’re working, it’s an office.

Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment

Speaking of cluttering the room with exercise equipment, pare down your equipment to essentials. Dumbbells, resistance bands, ankle weights, and your own body can go a long way in a successful fitness routine.  Doing so will not reduce the intensity of your workout or limit the effectiveness of your home gym. It just means that you’ll need to be smart about the equipment and furniture you choose to include. For instance, you can use a standing desk as opposed to a regular desk to give you that extra room. 

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Conserving Space

Both working out and working require room, which can be difficult, but it may simply require you to reimagine how you complete your work or how you exercise. For instance, lululemon Studio is a smart home gym in the form of a mirror. Compared with other connected fitness devised or smart home gyms, it has the largest library of workouts, with 10,000+ classes on demand, 50+ genres, and new live classes daily–no need to sacrifice variety for this space-saving benefit. Not to mention, having a mirror in a room makes the room appear larger which can also help make it seem more spacious. It can be mounted to a wall to conserve precious floor space.

Choose the Right Room

This is important for several reasons. The floor plan of a room can change how you lay out your furniture and fixtures. Size is not the only thing that matters—the way a room is shaped can really affect how you use it. lululemon Studio's home workouts offer a wide variety of categories that don’t require a lot of space, like yoga, strength training, and kickboxing, but a home gym with weights or machinery may require a different layout. 

Choosing a room with a window can also be helpful, allowing you to maintain good air circulation while you’re working out. It can also help lift your spirits to be able to glance outside while you work.

Transform Your Home Office With lululemon Studio 

Adding a home gym to your office can have a huge effect on how you feel about working out. Creating that area in your home will make working out less of a hassle and more intimate. We hope that these ideas have sparked your creativity and will help you create a home gym that is perfectly suited for you. 

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