Name: Cyn Grace Sylvie
Hometown: Jersey City
Occupation: Poet, Writer, Professional Tarot Reader
Instagram username: cyngracesylvie
lululemon Studio username: cyngrace

It’s a little past 5 a.m. on a Tuesday and Cyn Grace Sylvie drinks her morning coffee. She has about 90 minutes to get some writing done before her 9-year-old son wakes up.  She does her best thinking in the morning, and for those times when inspiration doesn’t strike, she squeezes  in a workout on her lululemon Studio Mirror to clear her head.

“The Mirror actually helps my creativity,” she says. “My mind starts to free up as my body begins to move. When that happens, I love having the ability to pause my workout, write down whatever I'm thinking about, and then pop right back into the class. I can’t do that at the gym.”

For Cyn, movement is everything. Her first love was ballet, starting lessons at age 2 and continuing through her teens until an injury got the best of her. She took up running and yoga soon after and fell in love with both. 

As she got older, finding time for fitness became more challenging, especially as a single mom. When the pandemic hit, she bought the lululemon Studio Mirror for her Jersey City apartment and everything changed. She not only had the ability to work out from home, but also had the  variety of cardio, dance, and yoga classes she craved. 

Three years later, the Mirror remains one of the best decisions she’s ever made. “It’s been vital to my fitness journey, If I didn't have it, I simply would not have the ability to work out every day.”

On this particular Tuesday morning, Cyn writes for over an hour before her son wakes up. She shuffles him off to school, returns home for a cardio dance class with Julie, then a meeting with a client. She writes a little more before picking her son up from school, and after dinner and homework, the two take a 15-minute Family Fun class together on the Mirror before bed.  

“My time as a parent is so vital,” she says reflecting back on her day. “I appreciate having those opportunities where I can move from writing to child care to working out. The Mirror has been the difference between me being able to have a fitness life versus not. It’s really that simple.”