Building the perfect home gym involves the marriage of a lot of different ideas. From equipment to decor, it’s important to create a home gym that you love to spend time in.

Part of the home gym experience includes a mirror wall. Having a mirror in your home gym is incredibly important, as it allows you to watch your exercise form and technique. Exercising with proper form is a big part of what makes working out worth the effort and reduces your risk of injury. 

Whether it’s a dedicated space, a garage, a make-shift home gym that doubles as an office or spare bedroom, or a small section of your studio apartment, a mirror wall is a staple for any home workout space.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to consider before creating a mirror wall for your home gym, including mirror style, size, installation, and more.

How to Make a Mirror Wall for Your Home Gym

Step 1. Choose the Location

Select the wall you’ll use. This is the first and most important step in creating a wall mirror for your home gym because the location will determine the size and type of mirror you need.

Your mirror wall doesn’t have to be big to get maximum benefits. Positioning can go a long way in helping you see yourself during a workout, so don’t stress too much if you don’t have a ton of space. Just select a location that works best for the types of workouts you’ll be doing at home.

Step 2. Select the Right Size

Start by measuring the wall to see how much space you have. This will help you choose the right dimensions for your space.

What Size Mirror Do I Need for a Home Gym?

For a home gym, it’s best to go with a mirror that is a little over four feet tall and under two feet wide (or 56 by 22.4 inches). When this mirror size is mounted to your wall, you’re able to see your entire body from head to toe with extra space above and below in the reflection. It’s compact enough to fit in even a small home gym and isn’t so overbearing that it takes up a lot of space.

Anything larger than this recommended size can be a hassle to purchase, install, and maintain. Plus, it can be an even bigger headache if it happens to fall and break. 

Step 3. Determine the Type of Mirror

Choose the type of mirror (or mirrors) you’ll use. We’ve listed the top options for your gym mirror wall below.

If you have space for it, using one large mirror is a simple and elegant way to add the reflection you need to your home gym. This can be in the form of a large framed mirror leaning up against the wall or a large wall-mounted mirror like they have in commercial gyms. 

1. One Large Mirror

The average size of a large home gym mirror is 5 feet by 3 feet. You can always order a custom size to be larger or use multiples (e.g. three of these mirrors) to create a larger width.

2. A Wall of Smaller Mirrors

Using multiple small mirrors as your home gym mirror solution is a great choice with design flexibility that works for almost every space. Whether it’s one smaller mirror or multiple small mirrors on the same wall to create a commercial gym effect, you can use as many or as few as fit in your space.

The size of small mirrors we’re referring to are around 4 feet by 1 foot. Anything smaller would be very difficult to use in a home gym and would require more than a few mirrors to help you see your form and technique. 

3. Mirrored Closet Door

If your workout space is in a bedroom and you want to save space, you can convert your closet doors into mirrored sliding doors . Alternatively, you could mount small mirrors to existing closet doors if replacing them isn’t in the cards.

4. Mirrors on Multiple Walls

Depending on the space, you could also consider adding mirrors to multiple walls in your home gym. Whether you go with large or small mirrors, having mirrors on multiple walls allows you to check your form and technique from different angles without having to move.

5. Smart Fitness Mirror

Smart fitness mirrors like The Mirror are the latest tech in home gym reflection and training. They function as beautiful, full-length mirrors when not in use, so they can blend into any home environment. When they’re turned on, they act as an in-home fitness studio with your instructor displayed on the screen while still being able to see your reflection. You can turn on the camera so the instructor can see you and offer tips on your form and technique during live classes.

The Mirror is 56 inches tall, 22.4 inches wide, and 1.4 inches deep (that’s 4.6 feet tall and 1.8 feet wide). Its sleek and elegant design fits perfectly in any size of home gym, in any location.

What Kind of Mirror Should I Use for a Home Gym?

When selecting a mirror for your home gym, you have two options: a regular mirror or a smart fitness mirror. 

A regular home gym mirror is an affordable option as it serves one purpose: reflection. You can check your technique and form and even use it as a whiteboard to write down workout plans or track your progress (although this can get a bit cluttered and messy over time). 

The smart fitness mirror option solves two problems in one. It’s the latest in home fitness tech and offers you a sleek reflective surface while also providing you with an endless library of at-home workout videos that you can stream live or on demand. When you stream live classes, the camera option allows the trainer to check your form and give you tips on your technique to improve your workouts and your results. 

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Step 4. Properly Install Your Mirror

The final step to making a mirror wall for your home gym is installation. The installation will depend on the type of mirror (or mirrors) you’ve selected for your home gym. 

How Do You Attach a Mirror in a Home Gym?

Attaching a mirror to the wall in your home gym depends on the type of mirror you’re installing. Most home gym mirrors are installed using J channel hooks, screws, and mirror clips. The hooks support wall mirrors at their base and the mirror clips are attached at the top to prevent the mirrors from toppling over. 

For smart fitness mirrors, they have slightly different installation requirements

Materials needed to install your home gym mirror: 

  • J channel hooks
  • Screws
  • Mirror clips
  • Power drill 

Installation & Positioning for Different Types of Mirrors

One Large Mirror 

If you mount a large mirror in your home gym, you can secure it to half an inch of drywall using J channel hooks that are secured to studs at the bottom of the mirror and mirror clips on the top. During installation, be sure to handle with care. Mirrors of this size are very fragile and can break easily.

The mirror doesn’t have to go as far down as the baseboards for you to see your full body in the reflection when you work out. The base of the mounted large mirror should sit at the same level as an electrical outlet (about 16 to 22 inches from the floor).

Wall of Smaller Mirrors

To mount small mirrors to drywall, use J channel hooks at the bottom and mirror clips at the top. Since smaller mirrors weigh less, you likely won’t need to secure them to a stud. Just know that thin drywall holds 1.2 to 1.6 pounds per square foot without some type of support.

Mount your small mirrors so the base of the mirror is level with an electrical outlet (about 16 to 22 inches from the floor).

Smart Fitness Mirror 

Since The Mirror is more than just a mirror, it weighs a lot more (70 pounds to be exact). That’s why the installation needs to be performed in accordance with the following two options:

  • Wall mount: The Mirror mounts flush to your wall and requires two to six small holes for secure installation.
  • Stand: The Mirror is attached to a custom stand with an optional anchor. For anchoring, the stand installation requires two small holes.

Note: The Mirror cannot be mounted on or anchored to a mirrored or glass wall and we don’t recommend installing it as part of a larger mirror wall installation. If you have any questions about the installation process, you can reach out and we’d be happy to help talk you through some options for installing your Mirror. 

Due to the space-saving and slim nature of The Mirror, it can fit almost anywhere so selecting the positioning and location of The Mirror is completely up to you and your space.

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Complete Your Home Gym With The Mirror

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