Creating the perfect space to quiet your mind, strengthen and stretch your body, and truly get in touch with yourself takes careful consideration and planning. We’ve put together our top small home yoga room ideas to make it feel like your very own studio as well as some additional tips to ensure the space is equipped with everything you need.

Let’s begin.

How Much Space Do You Need for an At-Home Yoga Room?

You don’t need a lot of space for an at-home yoga room. Many yoga poses can be modified to take up less space (e.g. bending your arms into a cactus position instead of having them straight out when you’re lying down on the floor).  Ideally, you’ll have a room that’s at least six by nine feet so you can have a yoga mat, a mirror, additional yoga equipment like blocks and bolsters, and shelves or countertop space for decorations, a speaker, etc.

How Do You Make a Small Room Into a Yoga Room?

To make a small room into a yoga room, you’ll need to first de-clutter the space so there’s enough room for you to practice. It’s best if the yoga room has a wood floor as this is better for balance, but carpet is also fine. Choose light-colored walls to keep the space simple and bright. We recommend hanging a mirror to watch your technique in certain poses and enhance your body awareness. Once these basics are in place, you can begin to decorate the room with some zen pieces. (More on this below.)

What to Put in a Home Yoga Room

You're home yoga room should have all the necessary equipment for your practice as well as some personalized touches to make the room more relaxing to you. Items like plants, Himalayan salt lamps, and tapestries give the room a yoga studio feel.

The equipment you absolutely need in your yoga room includes:

  • Yoga mat - A yoga mat is the most essential piece of equipment for any at-home yoga studio. You may even want two mats if you like to double up on the cushioning.
  • Yoga mat towel - A yoga mat towel is great if you work up a sweat or crank the heat during your practice because it prevents you from slipping on your mat.
  • Yoga bolster - A yoga bolster (also known as a yoga cushion) is a luxury when it comes to long-hold poses and Savasana, and is the perfect addition to any at-home yoga space..
  • Yoga pad - Yoga pads are great for certain poses if you have knee problem. They can also be used as a small platform under your seat during meditation.
  • Blanket - Blankets are great to have nearby for  Savasana as it can get quite chilly laying still as you cool down from your practice. 
  • Yoga blocks - Yoga blocks are an essential part of any at-home yoga room and for most yoga practices. They make certain poses easier or harder based on your skill level and difficulty of the class.
  • Meditation pillow - Have a meditation pillow on hand if you choose to incorporate meditation into your yoga practice in a seated position.
  • Hand Towel - Storing some hand towels in your yoga room can make it feel more like a studio and they’re great to have close by in case you start to work up a sweat and want to wipe your brow.

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Small Yoga Room Ideas

Beyond getting the right yoga gear in the room, you’ll want to add some extra touches to make your room feel like a true home yoga studio.

1. Mood lighting

When it comes to yoga, lighting is one of the most crucial elements to capturing the right vibe in your home studio. Choose a room that gets plenty of natural light and use light colors for the wall (e.g. white or beige walls). Dimming lights are ideal for a home yoga room but not a necessity. You can also add Himalayan salt lamps, candles (or fake candles), and light bulbs that change colors to really set the mood.

2. Mirrors

No at-home yoga space is complete without a mirror because they allow you to watch your form and offer a focal point when you're in certain balancing positions. lululemon Studio’s Mirror takes it one step further and doubles as a yoga instructor when it’s turned on, and a beautiful piece of furniture when it’s turned off. Our smart fitness mirror provides  full access to thousands of live and on-demand yoga classes,  transforming your at-home yoga room into an at-home yoga studio.

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3. Plants

Every at-home yoga room should have a couple of plants to brighten up the space and offer some refreshing clean air.  If you’re conserving space, opt for plants that hang from the ceiling or walls such a Boston fern, pothos, English ivy, and spider plants. Use hanging ropes with light-colored planters and light-colored wall planters for a softer yoga studio feel.

4. Essential oil diffuser

Ignite all your senses and enhance your at-home yoga experience by adding an essential oil diffuser to your space. Essential oil diffusers are the perfect way to tie in the whole experience and make your at home studio the most relaxing zen den you can create. Opt for lavender or ylang-ylang for a calm, relaxing, peaceful, and soothing vibe. For a more cleansing energy, go for eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, myrrh, or lemon.

5. Speaker

Music and yoga are a match made in heaven. Be sure to add a speaker in your yoga space so you can play calming music or amplify the audio of your online yoga class. Even if you’re streaming a class, you can still play soft music like nature sound, sound healing playlists, chanting, etc. Choose anything that will add to your personalized yoga room. A speaker doesn’t take up much space either so this is perfect for smaller yoga rooms.

6. Meaningful art and decorations

Your yoga room should be filled with meaningful art and decorations. These can be meaningful pieces you collected during travel, gifts from friends, or items you fell in love with when out and about. We love to see crystals, macrame, inspirational posters, statues, wooden carvings, geometric pieces, mandalas, tapestries, etc.  Make the space your own with these personal pieces that will create a softness and welcoming energy to it.

7. Tea or infused water station

Consider adding a little tea or infused water station to your yoga room. For a tea station, you could use a small kettle, a couple of clay mugs, and your favorite herbal and caffeinated teas as the perfect cherry on top to make your yoga room feel like a studio. 

For an infused water station, keep a small glass water container in there full of water and fresh fruit with some glasses nearby to pour your magical elixir into. Keep everything on a little rolling trolly and tuck it into the corner so it’s out of the way.  

Zen Out at Home With lululemon Studio

Your dedicated yoga room deserves the best. Tap into the expertise of lululemon Studio and our experienced yoga instructors. Attend live classes or stream them on demand. We’ve got classes ranging from 5-60 minutes, designed for all fitness levels, ranging from gentle Restorative Yoga to more fluid and challenging Yoga Flow classes. Enjoy your relaxing space, get in tune with your mind and your body, stretch, strengthen, and find peace. We look forward to practicing with you.

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