Get ready to hit the slopes with Lonnie and Armond! Our newest program, Sport: Skiing/Snowboarding, is designed to get you ready for the snow season with workouts focused on mobility, strength and endurance. The program also includes pre-slope warmups and post-slope foam rolling sessions for the day you hit the mountain.

Program Name: Sport: Skiing/Snowboarding
Lonnie & Armond
Launch Date:
November 8, 2022
Program Length: Six weeks

lululemon Studio trainer Lonnie wearing green and doing bicep curls

Why we did this: To get you ready for winter and to begin conditioning for ski and snowboarding season.

Who it's for:
Anyone who skis or snowboards and wants to prepare for or stay strong during the winter season.

What it consists of: Pre-season workouts to prepare for the slopes, including workouts focused on mobility, strength, and endurance; In-season workouts including a pre-slope warm up and post-slope recovery sessions.

What are you waiting for? Choose a class and get started!

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