You asked, we delivered. Are you ready for your first step class?

Step Aerobics (also known as bench aerobics or step training), is a classic, low-impact cardio workout that improves balance, coordination, and endurance. Join lululemon Studio trainers Lonnie and Deja as they lead two types of classes: Step Cardio and Step + Strength. Move to the beat of the music while learning repeated choreographed sequences in these fun, uplifting workouts.

Class Breakdown

Step Cardio: Grab your step and feel the beat. This low-impact cardio  workout will test your endurance and leave you breathless.

Step + Strength: Add strength training to the mix for more of a total body workout. Improve balance, coordination, and endurance while feeling uplifted. 

Equipment Needed

For these classes, we recommend a professional step platform that is 43 inches in length and 16 inches in width. The platform by itself should be 4 inches off the ground, and each set of risers added raises the step by 2 inches each.

Meet the Trainers

Lonnie is not only one of lululemon Studio’s most popular trainers, but is also a professional dancer who has performed across the world, most notably with the Lucinda Childs Dance Company and the Metropolitan Opera. He is passionate about teaching exercisers the fundamentals of proper form, and how to master the brain-to-body connection while enjoying the journey along the way.

Deja is also a professional dancer who has performed with top artists like Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Trey Songz & Lady Gaga.  As a lululemon global ambassador and host of the new podcast Dose of Duality, she is on a mission to bring vibrant energy to people all over the world and promote equity, equality, and inclusion in the fitness and wellness space.

Q&A with Lonnie

Why do you love to teach or take Step?

Step workouts are such a fun way to get your body moving with minimal impact on the joints and tons of cardio. For me, I forget that I’m even working out and get lost in the movement and the choreography. I also really like them because you’re not only working on stamina, but also memory, coordination, & balance.

What makes Step classes fun for people?

Moving to fun music first and foremost! I think the thing that is most satisfying in a Step class is when you catch on to a combination and start to feel really confident with the choreography. Once you have that, moving your feet exactly on the beat of the music can be such a rewarding feeling while you’re working out.

How should members feel after they take a Step class?

After someone takes one of my Step classes, I hope they feel tired but still refreshed, lighter, joyful, and already looking forward to coming back for more next time.

Why are Step workouts good for at-home fitness?

Step workouts are such a natural fit for at-home fitness. They require minimal space and equipment while still being jam packed full of cardio & strength work. Plus, for those who may feel too shy or embarrassed to try a class in a group setting at a studio or gym, you get the privacy to move your body and not feel self-conscious about working out.