As our fitness needs change, the ways in which we exercise take new shape—and we’re not talking about yoga poses. We're talking about new fitness technologies. 

The advancement of fitness tech in today’s world of health and fitness continues to outfit at-home athletes in more than just sweatbands and leggings. 

Those looking to improve their workouts now have the tools to track their progress, work virtually with personal trainers, and even transport themselves to tree-lined biking paths—all while staying within their own homes. Let’s discuss the future of fitness technology.

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What is Fitness Technology?

Fitness technology is one of the latest  fitness trends that combines sophisticated exercise equipment with augmented or virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. By using connectivity, tracking, and streaming tech, these devices create an engaging and immersive experience for the user. 

Most often, fitness tech is used at home, allowing athletes to avoid crowded gym workouts and sweaty machines. Some wearable technology can be transported to the gym, too. Smartwatches and health-minded mobile applications allow users to work out on the go. 

In addition to their intuitive and easy-to-use features, many fitness technologies, like home gym systems, also provide communities of like-minded individuals with networks of fitness enthusiasts to connect, compete, and compare fitness journeys and S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals.

Gone are the days of needing to go to fitness clubs to find a community of like-minded gym goers. Fitness tech makes it possible for people to connect, feel supported and motivated, and get the same great workout experience at home that they would from their local fitness facilities.

What are some Fitness-Related Technologies?

Some of the latest tech transformations in the fitness industry are:

With technology, fitness enthusiasts can bolster their at-home gyms and stay in control of their workouts. This is the future of fitness.

1. Fitness trackers

Wearable technology and trackers, which have picked up momentum in recent years, track a user’s fitness metrics like steps, speed, and stairs climbed, with health tracking features like sleep and heart rate. Most fitness trackers are user-friendly and make real-time data easy to access through internal databases or accompanying apps.

Many trackers come with various physical activity modes that are compatible with indoor and outdoor fitness workouts. While many users use these devices to accurately track their steps and activity level, high-end fitness trackers also support step-less workouts like cross country skiing and kayaking. 

No matter where your workout takes place, your fitness tracker is there to familiarize you with how your body progresses and performs. 

Many wearable devices also include intuitive and responsive touch screens that allow the user to assess their daily activities. If the device connects to an app, users can synchronize their workouts with a network of other athletes or friends. Typically, the apps will also track heart rate, recovery, calories burned, and VO2 max to optimize the user’s workout experience. 

But how does an activity tracker transform the fitness experience? They provide:

  • Effortless tracking and monitoring daily workouts
  • Digital connection to a community of fitness-minded individuals
  • Personal agency and the ability to customize your fitness journey
  • Vital information regarding personal health and wellness

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2. Smart home fitness equipment

Smart exercise equipment is next-level when it comes to the fitness world. They’re equipped with new technologies like Bluetooth pairing, LED displays, surround sound, and high-quality cameras. These grant access to virtual training, online coaching, and a slew of on-demand classes and workout material, from full-body high-intensity training to strength training.

Amongst the trending smart fitness equipment is lululemon Studio, a nearly invisible home gym. lululemon Studio is a sleek, interactive fitness mirror that’s equipped with live and on-demand instructor-led classes for those looking to get fit and look good while doing it. The immersive experience has changed how people exercise significantly. Instead of a visit to the gym, fitness enthusiasts of all levels can interact with instructors and other members through a mirror. They can get real-time cues and form fixes from instructors during live classes or face off and compete with other members to stir in some healthy competition and motivation.

The smart fitness market offers additional smart technologies, such as:

  • Smart weights that pair with your lululemon Studio to help you collect personal workout data, track progress, fix your form, and monitor reps.
  • Smart boxing gloves with built-in sensors to automatically detect movement and track progress
  • Smart rope for heart rate-raising, jump-roping excellence

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Smart technologies are an indispensable tool that provides unmatched opportunities for your unparalleled fitness potential. Some even incorporate artificial intelligence to personalize your fitness experience—making them a fitness trend that is here to stay.

How does smart fitness equipment transform the fitness experience? These modern home gym essentials provide:

  • Immersive, at-home workouts and guided classes 
  • Convenient access to one-on-one lessons led by experienced instructors
  • Real-time feedback to track progress and adjust your goals
  • Sleek designs that are suitable for any home gym in the making
Elevate your home workouts with the latest fitness tech. lululemon Studio is the perfect new addition to any home gym.

3. Fitness apps

An at-home fitness app refers to the convenient applications living within your phone that provide access to a slew of fitness programs. 

Fitness entrepreneurs and influencers keep launching new fitness apps and the number available to smartphone users is bountiful. While many smart fitness devices come with their own apps to track progress and create personalized fitness plans, there are also numerous independent apps for convenient, stay-at-home workouts.

Many downloadable fitness apps offer workouts  like yoga, weight training, and high-intensity interval training. There are also various apps geared to supplement your fitness journey, from guided meditation to meal planning. 

As a member, you can get access to lululemon Studio’s app, allowing you to access our tried and true workouts—even when away from your lululemon Studio.

How do at-home fitness apps transform the fitness experience? They provide:

  • Convenient and quick workouts that can be performed anytime, anywhere
  • An array of workout activities for all fitness levels
  • Easy-to-access performance tracking to keep your heart rate and motivation up
  • Various subscription features to upgrade your fitness routine

4. Virtual reality fitness

Sometimes, working out can be a real chore. Coupled with professional and personal responsibilities, it can be a drag to tie your laces for a strenuous workout. To that end, virtual reality may be the perfect solution.

While still a relatively new concept, virtual reality (VR) technology immerses athletes into gamified workout environments that allow users to become the master of their own fitness experience. Such advancements allow users to laser focus-in on the task at hand without distractions. 

Once equipped with the proper tech gear, users can begin a fitness journey in the comfort of their own homes. The virtual experience is compatible with various types of workouts from beginner to advanced levels, including boxing, rowing, dancing, and cycling. 

As users begin to exercise, visuals of charming mountain scenes or jarring opponents accompany the workout, for a fully immersive and exhilarating experience. Exercise enthusiasts can invite friends and family to join the activities, too. 

How does virtual reality fitness transform the fitness experience? It provides:

  • Immersive workout experiences that offer increased focus and make exercise feel more like a game than a chore
  • Convenient at-home workouts for those who tend to avoid crowded gyms
  • Various workouts in various locations
  • Friendly competition that fuels great workouts and close friendships

5. Recovery trainers

When designing your fitness routine, the recovery period is just as important as a rigorous workout. After getting your heart pumping, it’s time to rest and recover. Luckily, there are a variety of high-tech products aimed to improve your mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Want to increase your water consumption? There’s a water bottle for that. Hoping to improve your posture? There’s a high-tech device-app duo for that.

In addition to smart water bottles and posture enhancers, there are also various technologies that track sleep habits by monitoring resting heart rates, respiratory rates, and sleeping patterns. There are also foam rollers with various speeds of high-intensity vibration to rehabilitate your muscles. 

Try lululemon Studio’s foam roller classes to aid in recovery after a strenuous workout—no tech-driven foam roller required.

With recovery trainers, you can improve your sleep quality, improve your posture, and stretch your muscles to provide much-needed rehabilitation. There are also various muscle stimulators that not only reduce recovery times but improve muscular performance.

How do recovery trainers transform the fitness experience? They provide:

  • At-home treatments and rehabilitation to jumpstart or improve the recovery process
  • Intuitive apps and features to monitor your performance
  • Functional, state-of-the-art recovery technologies

Looking into the Future

As technology advances, so does the future of fitness. The fitness industry, now brimming with new, fresh-faced tech, continues to develop innovative solutions to elevate users’ fitness journeys.

The fitness industry is experiencing a massive shift. 

In a world where workouts primarily took place within treadmill-teeming gym facilities, tech is paving the way for digital disruption—in the form of digitally enhanced workouts and training programs. 

Full-body monitoring systems built into the fabric of workout clothes (called smart clothing or tech clothing) are in the works, as well as self-charging smart shoes. With technology’s continual upgrades and evolutions, who’s to say where the fitness industry will go.

As the face of fitness tech changes, it’s a wise decision to change with it. Stay in touch with the latest fitness trends and technology with lululemon Studio.

Reflect the Future with lululemon Studio

The future of fitness is here. With new fitness equipment technology, health and exercise are not only convenient but accessible. Armed with fitness trackers, smartphone apps, and intuitive equipment, at-home athletes are now fully informed and fully loaded for their next workout. Online fitness tech makes it easier than ever to lead more balanced and healthier lives.

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