At lululemon Studio, we’re always trying to expand our fitness options so you can find joy in your workout routine. That's why we teamed up with the top studios including Pure Barre, YogaSix and Rumble to provide you with classes you can't get anywhere else. So where should you begin? We asked our fitness team to recommend one class from each studio as a starting point. Try them out and find your new favorite workout!

AARMY: Bootcamp: Full Body with Akin, 30 mins, All levels
Join AARMY co-founder and lululemon Ambassador Akin Akman in this full body bootcamp that focuses on strength, conditioning, agility, and core. Discover why Akin is considered one of the best group instructors around in this 30-minute sweat session. (start class)

FORWARD__Space: FORWARD__FIRE with Norby, 30 mins, All levels
Grab a set of 2 and 4-pound weights and head to the dance floor where we’ll ignite your muscles with athletic conditioning and interval dance breaks. (start class)

YogaSix: Sculpt + Flow with Elisei, 45 mins, Intermediate
Strengthen yourself with the best of both worlds — a total body cross training workout plus a killer yoga vibe. (start class)

AKT: Circuit with Aya, 20 mins, Beginner
This full body circuit training class will build lean muscle mass by combining plyometric full-body power exercises with medium weight compound strength movements in 30 second and 15 second intervals. (start class)

DOGPOUND: HIIT with Chloe 30 mins, Advanced
This HIIT workout will challenge and improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance through a series of dynamic high-intensity movements. Let's DOMINATE!  (start class)

Y7 Studio: Power Vinyasa with Eric, 30 mins, Beginner
This class links breath to movement with a focus on endurance, balance, core strength, flexibility, and restoration. Come prepared to flow, sweat and deepen your practice. (start class)

Rumble: Shadowboxing with Noah, 15 mins, All levels
Level up your boxing technique and break a serious sweat with that trademark Rumble energy. (start class)

Pure Barre: Pure Empower with Isabelle, 45 mins, All levels
Pure Empower is a fusion workout of Classic Pure Barre and high-intensity interval training designed to build muscle strength while elevating your heart rate. (start class)

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